Specialists in 'Super Quality' Automotive Metal Polishing
For customers in New Zealand who demand a High Standard of finish and Care
on your High Performance or Restration Project

These Daimler V8 Rocker Covers, SU Carburetor Bodies,
Intake Manifolds and Thermostat Housing have been carefully straightened out and polished giving that super sharp finish for your pride and joy.

The specialist procedure we use on our Garlits Streetcatcher's provide the finish that sets these rocker covers apart from the rest.
We also polish Jaguar Straight six and V 12 Tappet Covers

Once again these 572 Big Block Chevrolet Valve covers were polished with our flattening procedure.
This gives a super sharp appearance to the cover

The words were another issue requiring a lot of work in around the surface sides of each letter

Big Block Ford Twisted Wedge Single Plane Air Gap manifold

This manifold was polished and detailed along with the Ford Motorsport Valve Covers which we flattened out some of the original polishing ripples that come as supplied.

We can polish from satin or Re-Buff Your Valve Covers and other related parts for project.
Timing Covers, Brackets, Scoops, Manifolds, Blower Drive Components or any other specialist parts.

We can polish all types of Automotive intake Scoops. this is our own Als Blower Drives scoop which we have used our procedure to provide a super quality ripple free finish.


These are our own Garlits Streetcatchers We manufacture each part polish the scoop bodys and adapters meticulously. We send these scoops all over the world.




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