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Hi AL,
I got the scoop installed with a few modifications to my car and I just went to my first car show of the season and took first place in my class. Everyone couldn't believe there was a carb under the scoop, they thought it was fuel injected. I gave alot of people your website. I am really happy with the final outcome, this is exactly the look I was going for. THANKS!! Tim

Tim : Highland, Indiana USA SC500pb STREETCATCHER

hey alan this scoop is sick. I'm very happy with the craftsmenship you guy's put into it. it looks bitchen on the hood , I'll send ya a picture when it's finished. thankyou! Richard w.
Richard : Santee, California USA SC500pr STREETCATCHER
However, his opinion was that it would be no problem running it with a 2-1/4 K&N air filter. I guess his brother Earl has quite a car with his '34 blown coupe. He couldn't say enough good things about the quality of your Street Induction. He is very impressed.
Karl: Lincoln Park, Michigan USA IN600ef STREETINDUCTION
Hi Al, I received the scoop on Monday. IM very happy with the quality, and style. Nice job!! . I came up with a better way to link up the barn door to the sideways holleys. When I get some photos I will send them. Thanks, Ken
Ken : Pawcatuck, Connecticut USA SC520cb STREETCATCHER
I love the look of the Street Scoop. Other people that have seen it love the look also. The low , mean, blown and injected look sure gets attention. A quality product that is everything its advertised to be. I guess you could say I'm a "Happy Camper".
Michael : Cynthiana, Kentucky USA SC500pr STREETCATCHER
It's Lee Michael, just letting you know the scoop came in friday. It is beautiful, thanks for the quick service!! I'll send you some pictures as soon as I can. The car should be done by the end of the week. Thank's again,
Lee: Lititz, Pennsylvania USA SC520pb STREETCATCHER
We got the injection system. WOW! What great quality! We love it. I especially like the way the top comes off and we access to the carb. You have to see this unit to really appreciate it, Thanks Tom & Earl
Earl: Downingtown, Pennsylvania USA IN600hf STREETINDUCTION
Al....the scoop arrived today in perfect condition. I will try to get it installed this weekend. As soon as I have it done I will send you a digital pix of it. I am really happy with the quality and look forward to the new appearance on my blown 61 impala bubbletop... Thanks again...Cruzzin dave
Dave: Gearhart: Oregon USA SC520pr STREETCATCHER
Got the scoop today. Words just can't describe the quality of your product.$ 1000 is a lot of money for a hat but it is definitely worth it. Also thanks for getting it done for me ASAP. I would like to purchase the linkage kit for the sideways carbs from you. Please at your convenience send me a estimated delivery date and charge it to the same card I gave for the scoop.
Thanks for everything!!!!!

Robert Hames, Texas SC520pb STREETCATCHER
g'day al,
well i just got back from up north to find my scoop waiting for me, i have to tell you it was worth the wait. so far the best product i have purchased to date and ive brought some good gear from around the world, excellent fit and finish mate. i wish everyones products and service lived upto the pictures and hype like yours then we would all be happy.again great product, great service and bloody well packed as well.

Mark Craine-White: Australia
Alan, I received my induction unit today. It's not like you haven't heard this before,but what a beautiful piece of workmanship that is. Everything looks absolutely wonderful.I wish My car was ready to go so I could show it off. But I will still do a lot of that .I built a 1955 chevy nomad gasser with straight ax ,big block chevy and a 4 speed. That too will be awesome when completed. Your induction unit will be the finishing touch it needs.Thankyou my friend.It is so very much appreciated. Will send some pictures when I get all my parts in the same pile. Thanks again,
Mike Graff: Springfield, Minnesota, USA: IN600hf STREETINDUCTION MAY 2008
Hi Alan
The scoop arrived on Thursday... Everything was perfect. I have had to back order the filter. I guess its an obscure size and no one stocks it here, it should be here in two weeks or so.I have trial fit the scoop and hooked up the hardware, everything fit very well, and I will cut my hood in the next week and then take some pics to send you. It's pretty ironic that I can get a scoop made from many first class materials built in New Zealand shipped halfway around the planet in less than a week but I can't get a filter that is manufactured in the US for over two weeks.Oh well Cheers John
John: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: SC510Dpr STREETCATCHER
  MAY 2008
Morning AL, got the scoop--SUPER !!!! IT'S GREAT AND TOPS OFF OUR ENGINE
Jan Geist: Valley View, Pennsylvania USA: SC510Dpd STREETCATCHER MAY 2008
Al, Here are a few pictures from a happy guy in Canada that you sent one of your units to. I was at a recent Armdrop event with Rich Christianson (Pinks) officiating and we had a blast. The car looks badass and still gets down the track in the 10.60’s. Corrected for sea level that is high 10.30’s as we are at 2400 ft in Edmonton. Not bad for a pump gas street legal plated car that runs all motor with no power adders. It also is running real Pontiac power, all 541 cubic inches.
John: Edmonton Canada: SC510Dpr STREETCATCHER JULY 2008
Hi Al
Scoop came today, I must say I am impressed by the finish. My 13 year old son went nuts when it arrived, he signed for delivery and open the box when I was not home. No damage fortunately for his very existence, lol. Thanks again for all your help. No worries about pictures of the car when she is finished with the scoop out and proud. Thanks again

Mike Bracken: Perth, Western Australia: SC500pr-hl STREETCATCHER
JULY 2008
Hi Al
No problems at all
What fantastic work!
The engine comes back from the machine shop on Saturday and the install starts the same day.
I will send you some photos when completed It is a 28 ford pickup (kinda) I am trying to make it look as though its fresh from a 1960 era drag strip, B/Altered, but still be my daily driver. Still looking for parts but I am getting closer.
I cant thank you enough for all your help!

Bill: Tucson, Arizona, USA: IN600ef

Hi Al: I received the scoop today and wow does it look awesome. If you ever have to do another for a Mega charger mill the carburetor plate a bit moore. It didn't fit the blower so I Milled the side's down, fits perfect now. Without question this is the best blower scoop around, Thank you so much.
Jeremy Kiera, Hamburg, New York: SC500-250-420 Mega Charger SC500 STREETCATCHER OCT 2008

Hi Al, received the scoop today. Very impressive! Can you tell me what size thread that you have in base plate for carb bolts????I have tried everything that I have laying around with no luck...Thanks
Terry Dunham, Crosby, Texas: SC500pr-471 STREETCATCHER JAN 2009

Scoop arrived today.
Thanks Carl

Carl Shultea, Competition Sales, Houston, Texas: SC510Dpr STREETCATCHER FEB 11 2009
Afternoon Al, I just want you to know that i received the scoop this morning and i must say it is pretty impressing. What makes this project unique is that nobody in san antonio have one of your products. Again,thankyou very much good luck in your racing career and business, i will keep in touch, and as soon as the car is completed i will send you pictures.
Thanks Again,

Michael Henry, San Antonio, Texas, S500pb STREETCATHER APR 16 2009
Here are some pictures of the sc500 blower scoop I bought from you in October. This was the best product I ever bought for my car thank you very much. It is on a 1979 Camaro.
Jeremy Kiera, New York SC500pb 420 Mega Blower
Just recieved your hat. Your craftmenship is unbelieveable. Very nice piece, I couldnt be more happy with it. How does it look? I will send more pictures later in the build.Thanks so much
Ken Mix, Edmonton Canada SC520Dpb STREETCATCHER DEC 11 2009

Hey Al, Dale Brakhage here. Bought the SC500 Nov 2008.
Here are pix. Enjoy. Everywhere we go EVERYBODY wants to know about your great product! We tell em wbout you.

Dale Brakhage, Indian Springs, Alabama: SC500pr STREETCATCHER
APR 2010
Al you wouldnt believe all the pictures taken of this car. Your workmanship is impeccable and as a customer we couldnt be happier. Thanks for making us look so good. We will put together a real nice testamonial for you guys
Thanks so much
The Mix Family

Mix, Edmonton Canada, 540 Blown Alc SC520Dpb STREETCATCHER AUG 30 2010

Steve Stone, Macon Georgia, SC520pb-sw-sl-hl SEP 1 2010
Hi Al.....I got the scoop the other day....that thing is incredible !! If you sell a bunch of these in the US and your customers are looking for a very reputable carb builder, I would really recommend C&J Engineering (where you sent my scoop) ....those guys are extremely thorough and pay close attention to detail...I got my credit card statement and they did charge me $48.75 for a foreign transaction fee...anyway, I hope and pray that you werent effected by the earthquake...I thought of you as soon as the news came out....Thank you again for a tremendous product, I'll be sure to send you some pictures next spring when the car is done. take care, Luke
SEP 7 2010
Al, Thank you so much. I got the scoop yesterday, and it is something awesome.You packed it up so carefully. I am extremely happy w/ the build quality. I took it across town to show my old man. he had a smile ear to ear. Hes been watching this car evolve for almost 9 years now. Last time i saw him this exited about a part, was when i bought the actual blower. Good stuff. I'll keep you posted and send pics when i got something good to show ya.
JUSTIN BISIG, Greeley Colorado, SC520pb-sw-sl SEP 9 2010
I received the scoop on Tuesday and it’s everything and more than I expected. I will send you pictures, once we complete the blower installation in my car. Thank you so much.
JIM SYLVESTER, Kailua, Hawaii
, SC520pb STREETCATCHER DEC 17 2010 
Hi Alan
I have recieved the blower scoop and am Very Very Happy with the Quality and your Service it arrived on Friday as you thought,Cant Thank you enough,will send photos shortly.. Thanks

DEC 20 2010

The IN 600hf arrived today! VERY NICE, VERY PLEASED! Thanks Alan. Will send pics as soon as its done

WOW! What a nice unit. your workmanship is very good. I couldnt believe how big and nice it is. Everything was packed really nice. Cant wait to get started . Ill have the only one around here. Does this have a long tube setup or will it not fit. Thanks Al.
TOM QUINN, Murrayville, Illinois, IN600hf STREETINDUCTION DEC 31 2010

Hello Al, I received the scoop today. It is AWSOME!!! I really like it. Here are a few pictures of it sitting on my motor. I also included a blower belt guard from RCD that I am trying to make work on my blower. Tell me what you think about it. RCD is not very good at responding to questions. Nobody that I have found makes a belt guard for the mini-blowers. I am certain that there would be a market for it.
ROGER FLYNN, Torrance, California, SC500-177 STREETCATCHER MAR 23 2011
Hi Al, The unit arrived today and I spent the evening making the necessary changes to the carbs and a few mods to the base plate and it looks wonderful !!! It's just what the car needed and I'm sure it will be a the first thing people ask me about. The car will be pearl black with titanium pearl SS stripes on the hood with your unit poking up in the middle ! Should be dramatic !
Back in the sixty's and early seventy's, I built a 42 Willys coupe with a big block Chev that I drove almost every day ( long before they became a real hot item off the track ) and I had the old Hilborn 4 port scoop ( that I still have---but not the car ..darn it ) through the hood for that a-la Stone-Woods Cook look, but every body with a blower on the street runs that style scoop and your 520 will help this car stand alone and I thank you for that.
I'll take some shots with a good back ground and send them along this spring. Till then, thanks again and I'll tell them where I got it !
KEN MOSES, Geneseo, New York SC520pb sw-sl-hl STREETCATCHER MAR 29 2011
Got it today. Removed it from the box, and I love the looks and quality. I'll be in touch in the next couple weeks, and let you know how installation goes. Thanks!
It's a 468 ci. motor Weiand 174 blower and I've run a best E.T. of 9.49 @ 142 in the 1/4 mile @ around 5,200 ft. altitude.
   You Tube link in Pits 
JOHN DAVIS, Albuquerque, New Mexico SC510pb STREETCATCHER MAR 30 2011
Al/Just wanted to tell you. I received the scoop and its awesome, thanks again for your great service and the quality of your product. Mocked it up on the motor and its looks great. When I get the motor painted and put
together I will send you a pic. Thanks again! Regards,Steve Harris @ Autobahn auto works.

STEVE HARRIS, Delacour, Alberta, Canada SC520pr sw-sl STREETCATCHER APR 21 2011
Hi Al.....Its done !!! Heres a few pics of my 65 Galaxie......thanks again for everything......Luke Wilson
LUKE WILSON, Carrollton, Ohio SC500pb STREETCATCHER MAY 21 2011
Dear Alan, Enclosed are five pictures of our just completed 1948 English Ford Thames 1/4 ct. panel van. We are running a '65 327 Corvette engine with an IN600ef Street Induction system from your shop. I would like to thank you for providing the unique induction system, as it draws comments where ever we go.Thank you again sir.
JOHN WOLFE, High Point, North Carolina IN600ef STREETINDUCTION MAY 29 2011
The Street Catcher arrived yesterday Al and it looks great my friend.
I didn't pull the linkages out or anything but assume the block and linkages are inside the hat?
Just for your info, they charged about $67.00 for GST and a $7.00 handling fee which was great as I didn't have to pay any import duty on it. Packaging was awesome and my buddy loved the colorful sheet you wrapped it up in before packing around it. It shows you care about your products, your shipping, and you delivered an "Excellent Product". I am very impressed with the quality of your breather.
Feel free to post my comments on your website as a testimonial. I'll send some pictures to you soon.Regards,
GRAEME BROWN, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, SC520pr STREETCATCHER JULY 08 2011
Hi Al, :-). Excuse my French but '---- ----' your product is off the hook. Amazing Quality and the way you pack it up in the box is so tight it could survive a tumble down a flight of steps and come out flawless. thank you Thank you thank you. I am so happy and the purple ROCKS. I will send you pics very soon. Also one of the hot rod boys from my club who helped install my induction unit fell in love with it as well. So I think you will be preparing another shortly.
A very happy customer from Perth Amboy N.J.

MANNY LOPEZ, Perth Amboy, New Jersey IN600ef STREETINDUCTION JULY 27 2011
Hi Al,
Been meaning to send some pics of my "finished" project. Made some changes to the fuel lines and linkage since last time we talked. It's been a slow going project, but I've been able to make alot of headway these past few months. Had the car to a few local shows this fall and no one can walk past it without checking out the scoop. Now that the car is together and painted it's plain to see how your scoop really finishes it off. And most people think it's injected! Even those who should know better!! But I always let the cat out of the bag. I may have gone overboard with the lines and linkage and such, but i had a lot of fun doing it. Thanks Al! Hope you like the pictures. Mike Moore
MICHAEL MOORE, Boonton, New Jersey SC500pb-hl STREETCATCHER NOV 20 2011
Hi Al......said I would send a few shots of the car when finished.....a little late but here they are .
Your unit makes the car a hit at every show.....2600 miles this summer and not a hick up!
Thanks and when I go to the big block, I'll need to adapt this scoop to a different set up.
Thanks again
KEN MOSES, Geneseo, New York SC520pb sw-sl-hl STREETCATCHER NOV 29 2011

Hello Al. Got the induction sysrem today. Looks great, thanks!. I already mounted the adapter and hat and am in the process of cutting the hole in the hood-so far the hardest part!. Need to replace the gas pedal and carb linkage (it was stock configutation). Should be finished tomorrow except for personal detailing. I'll send photos when it's done.
Al, a few more engine shots. Drove it to breakfast and the car guys flipped over it! I'm waiting for front spring spacers to get the nose up about 2 inches (don't want a straight axle). It's a '65, my favorite and I like '64 Comets. Thanks again, Bruce
Bruce Gross, Las Cruces, New Mexico IN600hf STREETINDUCTION JAN 1 2012

injector scoop Al, Love the SC520 breather you shipped me, and it’s been getting a lot of attention from other guys who love the original Enderle style look. The car was completed in February of 2012 and I’ve been busy showing the car at the World of Wheels in Calgary, Winnipeg, and down in Omaha Nebraska. It’s won Best in Class (3) times now, and has also received (3) Outstanding Street Machine awards, (2) Outstanding Custom Engine awards, and others for Best Paint, Detail, and Display. I had it on the Dyno a couple weeks ago and the engine makes just over 850hp at the crank, and around 700hp at the rear wheels. The hat functions really well and the butterflies open and close as you can see on the video I made while on the Dyno. Check out the video’s on my website at and thanks for everything Al. You were an awesome guy to deal with, and you sell a great product that’s unique to the marketplace. Thanks, “Double Nickel” - Blown 55 Chev
GRAEME BROWN , Calgary, Alberta, Canada SC520pr STREETCATCHER APR 4 2012
Hi Al, I don't know if Darren had sent you any pictures yet but here's a few for you. The car is rough looking without paint but you get the idea, We used that Professional Products Pontiac intake and had to add a 1" spacer which set the induction up perfectly if anyone ever asks how it will fit. I did some minor grinding on the air cleaner base to clear the airhorn/ Choke linkage a little better, but other than that, she was a perfect fit. This thing is a hit and eveyone is asking where we got the injection
His car definitely has "The Look"

PS I was at the Stray Kat 500 car show in Dewey, Oklahoma and there was a white Chevy Vega with a blown engine that had your Enderly bug catcher with lines and had I not been on your web site I never would have even caught it. That is a nice fit and looks very cool.
Thanks again, Dil
DARREN BRANDOW, Collinsville, Oklahoma, IN600h STREETINDUCTION MAY 20 2012

Al, I received my Blower Monday and it is absolutely beautiful! I’ll be sending you some pictures soon because I’m planning on installing it this weekend! Thanks again Al ! Regards, Howard Chasteen.
HOWARD CHASTEEN, Westminster, Colorado, SC500pr STREETCATCHER DEC 5 2012

Al, it was a pleasure doing business with you. This is one of the finest automotive products I’ve ever installed. Please feel free to use any of the pictures as you wish.
Thanks again,

25 2013
Hey Al, the Scoop finally have arrivied this Morning ;) It's the right one and everything is complete an in perfect condition..Thanks for your Support, I will send you a picture when the Scoop is mounted.
Best regards, Matthias
MATTHIAS SCHNEIDER, Cologne, Germany, SC520pb sw-sl-hl STREETCATCHER NOV 27 2013 
Got the scoop yesterday. It looks Fantastic!!!! What was the part number for the K&N air filters you said would work??? I lost that email. Now I have to cut down the choke horns on the Carbs so the Adaptor plate will fit. I set it in place and I think it’s going to look Bad Ass when it’s mounted. See attached pic
RON YOGI SCHREIBER, Pasadena Maryland, SC520pb-il APR 30 2014
Hi Al, Sorry for the delay. Wanted to let you know I receive the scoop. It looks awesome. Thanks a lot. Am in the process of assembling the motor and all the goodies. Once I'm done with the car, maybe mid June, I will send you pictures.
Thanks again,David.

DAVID PRICE, Woodbridge Virginia, SC520pr sw-sl-hl MAY 22 2014
Hi Al,
We received the shipment and it looks amazing! Thank you so much for getting it to us so quickly. We'll be sure to send you pictures when everything is installed. Thanks again, Laurie
STEPHEN COSGROVE, Omaha, Nebraska, IN600h July 1 2014 

Hi Al.
Got the SC500 blower hat. It's fantastic. Question. On the rear, side of the carb base plate, there is a tapped and threaded hole, what looks to be 1/4 NPT thread. What 's that for? Also, my 4150, 950 cfm Holley has the rear air horn hitting the scoop. Is this normal? Didn't have time to try it with the gasket in place, do you thing that's enough to give me the clearance? Maybe a carb spacer? Thanks a bunch. This is a very nicely done piece. I'm really happy with it and you were a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again. Mark.
MARK KELLY, Fountain Valley, California, SC500pr Dec 1 2014
.......I never got around to it but what I learned with sand casting makes me appreciate how hard making these molds and castings would be. They really are wonderfully done pieces. Sometimes you never really know what you are going to get when you order something like this online, and the fear is always getting some Chinese piece of junk! I really couldn't be happier with this injector hat set-up. It's the baddest looking thing on the street.. Can't wait to complete the car and I'll be sure to send you some pictures to post on your website if you like. Thanks again for your help.
MARK KELLY, Fountain Valley, California, SC500pr Dec 4 2014 

Hey Al,
My name is Kenneth Soares. i ordered a Barndoor scoop from you about a year ago and i wanted to send you some pictures to show you the finished product. I hope you like them. Thanks again for your handwork on making an amazing product!!

KENNETH SOARES, Honalulu, Hawaii, SC520pb sw-sl-hl Jan 2015 
After a year of work (because I work rotation off shore) I am now about 90% complete with my truck, so I thought I would send you a few pictures. The Streetcatcher that we bought from you is fantastic. Thanks for all your help, my wife and I truly appreciate the professional assistance we received from you!
Regards, Kade and Tewa Anderson

KADE ANDERSON 4x4 Garage, Nakhonprathom, Thailand, SC520pb sw-sl Jan 21 2015 
Hi Al,Received the scoop and everything looks great. Heres some pictures
Anthony Monaco, Brick, NJ, USA SC520cb sw-sll Feb 9 2017
Hi Al, Sorry for the delay. Wanted to let you know I receive the scoop. It looks awesome. Thanks a lot. Am in the process of assembling the motor and all the goodies. Once I'm done with the car, maybe mid June, I will send you pictures.
Thanks again,David.

DAVID PRICE, Woodbridge Virginia, SC520pr sw-sl-hl MAY 22 2014
Hi Al,
We received the shipment and it looks amazing! Thank you so much for getting it to us so quickly. We'll be sure to send you pictures when everything is installed. Thanks again, Laurie
STEPHEN COSGROVE, Omaha, Nebraska, IN600h July 1 2014 
Hi Al,
The scoop reached today, Mirror like surface and this weight are proof of high quality. This is very cool. Awsome! I love
Hideyasu Shibahara, Taitou-Ku, Tokyo, Japan, SC500pr July 21 2014 

Hi Al, Took the boat to the lake today, get lots of comments about the scoop, boat ran 81mph so I'm happy

Thanks Jim
Jim Koenker, Medford, OR, USA SC510d July 2017

Al, Scoop looks great. Heres some pictures
Todd Ridler, Innerkip, ON, Canada SC520pb sw-sl Aug 19 2017
Love the scoop! Just need to hook up linkage!

Will send more finish photos when car is done!

Thank you for all your help!
Barclay Gebel, Wildwood, Missouri, USA SC500pb-177-hl Apr 2018 

I got the parts just 2 questions what size fittings do I need to get and how do I make tubes stay in the main body thanks just don’t want them to come out this is a nice piece wanna make sure I do everything correct.
Benji Griffin, Liberty, South Carolina, USA IN600hf Sep 4 2019
My scoop arrived right on time and looks amazing! I assembled it tonight and it is a very well engineered, quality product. So far, so good. I’m excited to see it on my front engine dragster??
Robert Westlund, Service One, Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA SC500SWpb-177-hl Feb 11 2020 
Hi al I got the scoop in this afternoon extremely happy you guys did a great great job ,, I’ve been doing precision machine work for 40 years and your machine work is great top-notch. I brought it home and it’s sitting on the dining room table to show my wife once we install it on the car you will get pics and a video thanks again. Ron.

We'll post some pictures when Ron sends us some of his genuine Warren Johnson Olds is street ready sporting a Blower Shop 871.
Ron Falck, F&F Tool Inc, Pompano Beach Florida, USA SC500pr-hl-bvl Aug 14 2020 
SSorry I took so long. Let me know if there are any other angles you would prefer.

Thanks again for such a quality product! We really like the looks of it and the attention it draws.
Harlon Parchment, Elizabeth City, North Carolina, USA SC510Dpr July 5 2021

Great product, the best fit and finish money can buy. Well worth the money. Great job

Be safe
John Marchica

John Marchica, Sayville, New york, USA SC520pb sw-sl-hl July 13 2021

HI Al.
Just to say it arrived about an hour ago?
I am thrilled and it look superb...
Im taking it to where the car is this weekend so will have a proper assemble there, but thank you so much for your quick service...Andy

Andy Saunders, Poole, Dorset, UK IN600h Oct 26 2021

Al sorry I sent all seperate could not figure out how to send all at once. Please let me know what you think and give me a call, --- --- ---- would love to talk to you. Thank you so much Wayne and Georgie.


Wayne Plymell, Pueblo, Colorado, USA IN600E Aug 18 2022

Hi Al, Ron Schreiber here. Wanted to send a few more pics, I'll send more once the front is on


Ron Schreiber, Pasadena, Marylando, USA SC520pb sw-sl May 1 2024

Alan Bugcatcher arrived safe and sound. It's a work of Art,hal


Hal James, Columbia, Missouri, USA SC520pb sw-sl May 22 2024

We received everything today. man it's awesome! Can't wait to make it live on top of all this madness! haHa

Zip's Hotwheels truck project

Zip Simon, Sanford, Florida, USA IN600hf May 14 2024

93 Spence Road, Henderson, 0612 New Zealand. - email

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