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Garlits 8 Stack Dummy Injection

The welding on the adapter below has nothing to do with the Intensity Racing screens, this was because we changed the fixed 4500 Carb Center to Center spacing from the Std 8 3/4" to 9 5/8" Carb spacing for a customer in Oregon. We have modified the adapters up to 9 3/4" Carburetor center to center for specific order requests mainly for tunnel ram applications.

Super Quality Enderle Style Dual Dominator Carburetor Scoop
Super Clean Integrally Cast and Fully CNC Machined Front area
Fully Machined and In House Highly Polished Aluminum Casting
Fits Dual 7 1/4" Neck Blower Carb Adapters on 8 3/4" Centers
Classic Enderle 'Round' or 'Geredot' Style 'Barndoor' Butterflies
Ordered with Red, Blue, Silver or Black Butterflies (Custom Purple)
Comes with Stainless Butterfly shaft and Dummy Barrel Valve
Sideways Carb Linkage connects to your existing Throttle setup
SC520D streetcatcher does not come with any air filter elements.


STREETCATCHER is now available to mount directly to dual 4500 HOLLEY DOMINATOR, QFX or KING DEMON Carburetor setups for Supercharged or for Normally Aspirated applications where the 4500 Carburetors are mounted sideways on a fixed 8 3/4" Center to Center spacing.
The Scoop comes with mounting hardware but unfortunately there are no filters with this kit, the large 7 1/4" size of the Carb necks on the Dominators eliminate any seat area for air filter elements.
Based on Enderles famous 'Birdcatcher' injector, the SC520D STREETCATCHER narrows at the back like a real Injector and is designed for Serious Racers Rodders or Boaters running Dual 4500 Holley Dominators, Quick Fuel Technology's QFX Carburetor or the equally impressive King Demon carburetors.

The SC520D has a a base adapter designed to close off the bottom of the scoop body so that all incoming air is directed down into the carburetors. Also it has a definite performance advantage over a hilborn style scoop in shape in that there is no large round back area to create turbulence. At high speed as the air enters the scoop the enderle shape narrows the incoming air building pressure to sending it directly down into the carburetors offering a distinct performance advantage over scoops with larger volume back designs.
Because the STREETCATCHER'S have a fully CNC machined front you get to choose between the 'Classic Round' or 'Barndoor' style Butterflies.
Quality stainless steel shafts, anodized butterflies and an authentic looking dummy barrel valve assembly clearly make the STREETCATCHER the obvious choice for the serious rodder.
Like a real injector, the STREETCATCHER operates the butterflies through a dummy barrel valve and linkage.
The SC520D scoop comes complete with a Sideways Linkage hookup that will convert the cross pull of your existing carburetor Linkage to an in-line direction to operate the 520's butterflies.
SC520D Mounting and Filters

The Scoop comes with mounting hardware but unfortunately there are no filters with this kit, the large 7 1/4" size of the Carb necks on the Dominators eliminate any seat area for air filter elements
A customer in Oregon cut the base ring off some Intensity Racing Intake screens and they fitted neatly down inside the SC520D Adapter openings affording some entry protection.


93 Spence Road, Henderson, 0612 New Zealand. - email

NOTE: Orders/Inquiries cannot be placed through the Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing

Direct Dial from United States and Canada 011 64 9 836-1661
Sunday Thru Thursday 3.00pm to 7.30pm PST 4.00pm to 8.00pm CST - 5.00pm to 9.00pm EST.

Direct Dial from Australia 0011 64 9
W.A.S.T 6.00am to 1.00 pm CST EST 7.00am to 2.30pm.

UK/Europe 00 64 9 836-1661 9.00am - 4.00pm New Zealand Time. In New Zealand 09

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