Dummy Hilborn Style Injector Cover Mounts Over Carburetor
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Garlits 8 Stack Dummy Injection

Top Quality Crower/Hilborn Injector Style 4bbl Carburetor Cover
Mounts over Single Holley AED Demon QFT or Edelbrock Carb
Fully Machined and In House Highly Polished Aluminum Casting
Based on the Famous Hilborn and Crowers Race Car Injectors
Bolts Over Squarebore Vacuum Secondary or Double Pumper
Red, Blue, Silver Black or Polished Ram Tops or (Custom Purple)
Has 2 1/2' Tall Filter Element inside will accept K&N Filter Element
Authentic looking Dummy Barrel Valve/Lines and anodized fittings
Staggered Crower Style or Even Hilborn Style Ram Tube Stacks

The Benefits of a Carb the Looks of Injection

The most radical motors in racing are 'injected', but because real constant flow injectors are not designed for part throttle operation, most rodders because of costs or technical and drivability difficulties either have to go to an expensive efi (electronic fuel injection) system or are limited to a 4bbl carburetor and aftermarket intake manifold. This has left the serious owner of a four barrel engine with no authentic alternative intake look other than an air cleaner or blower type scoop. Solution.....Street Induction! The 'wild injected look' without the associated problems and costs of running a real injector and now with larger 2 9/16" tubes and Ram Tops giving a fuller look so the choices are all yours (the pictures on this page are 2 1/2" tubes).
Identifiable and absolutely unmatched in quality the IN600 Street Induction is directed toward the serious rodder seeking the responsiveness of a four barrel engine while at the same time wishing to pursue a relatively inexpensive method of providing a full race look to their street car or boat. Polished body 'surface brush finish' anodized tubes and anodized 'Ram Tops' protect and complete.
What Engine will the STREETINDUCTION Fit
Because the Street Induction mounting is designed primarily around the carburetor and into the intake manifold by way of the carburetor mounting holes it's universal application is not limited by the style of manifold and engine brand. The Street Induction is designed to be as universal as possible and could be fitted to almost any four barrel V8 Carb/intake manifold setup whether it be a Chevy, Ford, Chrysler, Pontiac, Olds, AMC, Holden or you name it!. The lower area of the base is shaped to blend nicely into just about any manifold and can be almost indistinguishable when used on a polished manifold and surrounded by the valve covers, plug leads, hoses, fuel lines etc. The IN600 Street Induction adapter plate is secured to the manifold, (not the carb), by two 'through studs' that pass down through the Street Induction adapter and on down into two of the carburetor base mounting holes, thus locating the IN600 STREETINDUCTION inline with the engine and providing attachment to the engine.

What Carburetors Will The IN600 StreetInduction Mount Over
The IN600 Street Induction is designed to fit carburetor / manifold combinations using Holley, Holley Avenger and Holley HP 4150-4160 series 390-950 CFM Vacuum Secondary or Double Pumper squarebore carburetors, along with similar QFT, AED and Demon Carburetors 4150 style carburetors (currently Not demon Jnr) with manual or electric choke and minor modifications in some instances.

The IN600 Street Induction can be ordered to fit the standard #1400 part number series Squarebore Edelbrock Performer carburetors, along with the Carter AFB (5 1/8" neck) Comp series Carburetors which is what the Edelbrock Performer carburetors are based on. Also the 1800 Thunder series carburetors with slight clearance modifications to the IN600 adapter plate.
Intake Manifold Carb Pad Height - IN600 In The Rain

The IN600 Street Induction can be fitted to manifolds with carb 'mounting pad' heights up to around 5" 1/2: with a 2" tall filter element. With the 2 1/2" high air filter element 'as shipped' a 5" 'carb pad height' can be acheived. They come with all mounting hardware, full instructions and will accept different height K&N replacement air filter elements. More Info Click Here.
The IN600 Street Induction has large round (1 1/4") holes in the main body at the bottom of the two front and two rear tubes to allow air from outside, if you were in the rain some rain would go down the front and rear tubes and land on the air filter element at these points, air can also enter inside the main body also. The center four tubes have drain channels in the bottom of the tube adapters so any rain can just run out, there are no holes here because they are above the filter and carburetor, so basically it would actually be better than running a normal air cleaner in rain because most of the air filter element is sheilded from the rain. A little rain wont bother the unit and if you were running a K&N filter element it wont bother the element at all.

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